Key Services

Key Services


Green Door Environmental offers a variety of services in the environmental assessment and management industry

Our Key Service areas include:

  • Basic Assessment Applications
  • Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Applications
  • Environmental Management Programmes (all phases)
  • Waste Management License Applications (WMLA)
  • Water Use License Applications (WULA)
  • Mining Applications – South African Mineral Resources Administration System  (SAMRAD)
  • Environment Control Officers (ECO) to perform Environmental Monitoring and Auditing
  • Environmental Feasibility Assessments
  • Environmental Planning
  • Public Participation
  • Environmental Advice

Development Sectors

We work in the following development sectors:

  • Residential
    Low income to exclusive estates
  • Retail and Commercial
    Shopping centers to warehousing
  • Transportation
    Rail, bridges, roads, ports
  • Service Infrastructure
    Landfill sites, water & waste water treatment plants, hospitals, schools
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
    Light to heavy industries, refineries, asphalt facilities
  • Mining
    Borrow pits, prospecting, mining permits & rights
  • Agriculture & Forestry
    Effluent lagoons, poultry & piggeries, dams, agri-industrial
  • Renewable Energy
    Biomass, solar, hydroelectric
  • Eco-tourism and Game Reserve Management
    Tourist venues & accommodation, wetland rehabilitation